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MULTI-CAM recording & Live BROADCASTs 

The Chocolate Box, designed by Swiss Chocolate Pictures, is a unique custom built and portable Production Studio.


We’ve taken all the features and versatility of a Multi-Cam Live Broadcast Studio and squeezed them into a portable set up. Perfectly suited for Live Performances, Keynote Events, Seminars, Show Pilots and more.

Currently holding a residency at The Cavendish Arms in South London, The Chocolate Box can either be booked together with this beautiful performance venue or as a portable system coming to wherever it's needed.


The system comes with a highly experienced and skilled camera and sound engineering crew.


Additional requirements such as lighting rigs, independent power supply and internet connection can also be provided, as well as consulting and production support in advance to design the perfect package for any event or production.


filming & production

From pre-production to the final project file. Swiss Chocolate Pictures is the Swiss Army Knife of Visual Content production. 


Whether you need an experienced production team for a day of filming, a confident hand in editing,  animations, hiring additional crew or a full service production. We can support and provide almost anything.


In recent years we have specialised in creating comedy content with both established and up and coming talents. From quirky sketches to elaborate show concepts and pilots.


photography & design

We specialise in carefully crafted Portraits, Engaging Headshots, Capturing stunning events and product branding for 'The National Trust', 'Stone Valley' and lots and lots of amazing performance artists.  


In addition to beautifully captured stills we're also known for our artwork and design. Every year, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is populated by numerous Posters and Flyers proudly designed by Swiss Chocolate Pictures.


"I think the best way to capture someones real personality and best charming self is by getting to know them. A studio or location shoot should be a relaxed and stimulated conversation with the camera and the lights merely present. I don't shout out poses or tell you where to look. I ask questions and connect. That's how you capture the best in people."

- Adrian Tauss


consulting & custom solutions

Sometimes you don't know precisely what you need but you know exactly what you want to achieve.

With 20 years experience in Film & TV Production we have a wide, fundamental understanding of every aspect of media production. 

We have worked with, consulted and provided workshops for The European Parliament, Film Republic, Primetime Network. Working on both big budget TV & Film productions as well as micro budget guerrilla shoots.

We know how to get the most out of any budget and how to avoid losses. We have collaborated and supported numerous independent filmmakers and artists over the years. Our latest projects include the custom design and build of a multi-camera live streaming studio into a comedy pub in South London.

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