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We specialise in creative and innovative content production, so why not let us help take your vision to the next level. 

From hilarious comedy shorts, to eye catching TV commercials and thought provoking short films. With over 20 years experience, our London based team are here for all of your yummy creative content needs.

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Don't Let Your Lover Make A Mess Outta You
Collin Clay Chace and the Juha Music Crew

Don't Let Your Lover Make A Mess Outta You

DON’T LET YOUR LOVER MAKE A MESS OUTTA YOU Performed by Collin Clay Chace and JUHA Directed by Adrian Tauss for Swiss Chocolate Pictures Words by David Cale Music by Collin Clay Chace and Christopher "Chops" Ingold WORDS FROM COLLIN: As an actor, one greets the prospect of their first on-camera Love scene with trepidation; that mine was with a rubber chicken and several mannequins only added to the pressure. But we had a wonderful Intimacy Coordinator on-set who made everyone feel both comfortable and sexy all at once. The story behind “Don’t Let Your Lover Make A Mess Outta You”: When I was in high school I fell in Love with David Cale’s one-person show, Smooch Music. It was a script full of urban fairytales – a lady who kisses snakes for a living, a boy carried away by his pink tutu, a dildo named Donna Summer – and it was hypnotic. I first performed it at School One, the “alternative high school” I went to… but a journalist was in the audience one night, and I wound up on the front page of the Providence Journal arts section, which led to a production at 2nd Story Theatre – my first professional gig. “Don’t Let Your Lover Make A Mess Outta You” is one of David’s monologues from Smooch Music. I never got to see David perform it – the script was published only after he’d moved on to other shows - so without his version to model myself after and with the influence of De La Soul’s 3 Feet High And Rising spinning on my record player, David’s words were hip hop to me. So I rapped them and added a hook melody. I’ve carried it with me ever since, wanting to commit it to record. David Cale generously gave his blessing. I’d worked with director Adrian Tauss on the videos for “The Carcass On Your Plate” and “Steppin’ Out,” where he took some basic concepts I presented and brought them to new heights with his vision. So I knew he was the guy for the job. The difference with “Don’t Let Your Lover” is that I didn’t even have a loose concept to offer Adrian, just a couple stray images of shower caps, a turkey baster microphone, and rubber chicken back-up singers kicking around in my noggin. The entire aesthetic for the video was a gorgeous surprise to me - though I’ve learned to count on being surprised and delighted by Adrian’s artistry, and it’s always an honour to work with hid Swiss Chocolate Pictures. If you’ve always wanted to see me make out with a rubber chicken, this is your chance! "Don't Let Your Lover Make A Mess Outta You" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the usual digital platforms as part of Juha's single "The Carcass On Your Plate."
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